British Cold War Military Trucks - Bedford TM

British Cold War Military Trucks - Bedford TM

TM-Series, 4-4 und 6-6 - The Last Bedfords for the British Army

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The TM truck range is a family of all-wheel-drive logistics trucks manufactured for the British Armed Forces by Bedford Vehicles in the final decade of the Cold War era. It contains the TM 4-4 fleet of 8-tonne and TM 6-6 fleet of 14-tonne payload-class vehicles. The range includes 4x4 and 6x6 cargo truck variants with or without a self-recovery winch, those with or without a Crane Attachment Lorry Mounted (CALM), a 4x4 tipper model and a couple of special-purpose models. From the time the vehicles entered service in the early 1980s, TM trucks provided the British Army�s main logistics transportation means in the first, second and third lines. During their service life, TM trucks saw operational service with the British Army worldwide. This publication shows the technology, the service life but first and foremost the variants of the TM truck family in many hitherto unpublished exercise photographs.

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