AMX-30B & AUF1 155mm SPH Vision Block & Panel Masks

AMX-30B & AUF1 155mm SPH Vision Block & Panel Masks

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The maskable areas on the kit's clear parts are either so small or that they have complicated shapes that it is usually a pain to measure and custom cut your own masks. Well, that is no longer a stumbling block particularly for modellers who wants to paint their periscopes as realistic as possible with the aid of precut masks. Although most of the kit's periscopes do not come in clear plastic (apart from the commander's periscope), the tiny masks wills ensure that the periscope surfaces can be better represented - spray suitable periscope colours first, apply mask, and then spray paint camouflage colours over them. Through this, a sharp and better defined persicope edge can be better achieved than doing it hand painted. This set contains enough masks for 2 builds (1 AMX-30, 1 AUF1 155mm SPH) plus spares. Masks are precut from yellow Washi masking sheet - same mask material that comes with some model kits in the market.

  • Skala: 1:35
  • Fabrikat: Echelon


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