Cold War Warrior - MAN KAT I LKW

Cold War Warrior - MAN KAT I LKW

The 5-ton, 7-ton and 10-ton MAN-Kat I Trucks in Cold War Exercises with the German Bundeswehr

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Trucks of the Kategorie I (Kat I) family produced by MAN are tactical vehicles with extreme off-road capabilities that can follow the vehicles of combat forces, such as the Leopard 2 main battle tank or Schützenpanzer Marder 1 armoured infantry fighting vehicle. The trucks are very powerful, robust and reliable. Procured by the Bundeswehr from 1977 onwards, they are employed to transport personnel, material, ammunition, fuel and different types of shelters. In addition to vehicles with a cargo body in the 5-ton, 7-ton and 10-ton payload classes, the truck family also includes special-purpose variants such as dump truck, bridge transporter, rocket launcher and radar vehicle.
A large number of the more than 8,000 trucks of this type procured are still in service with the Bundeswehr today, 30 years after the end of the Cold War.
This publication looks at Bundeswehr MAN Kat I trucks during Cold War exercises and thus supplements the technical volume published as Militärfahrzeug Special 5027.

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