AFV Photo Album

AFV Photo Album

Armored Fighting vehicles on Czech territory 1938-1968

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Let us introduce our new book by By Marek Solár, Petr Dolezal and Vladimír Kos.

By the end of the war in May 1945 thousands of vehicles passed Czechoslovakian territory and are here presented in 224 pages with over 300 photos. It is an amazing collection of German, Russian, U.S and British vehicles.

The main part of the book (approx 70%) presents German and Russian vehicles on Czechoslovakian territory, May 1945. Panther, Pz. IV, Tiger II, Jagdpanzer IV, Hetzer, Grille, SPWs, Hummel, StuGs and many more German vehicles are covered. Russian vehicles include T-34, IS-2, SU-85/100, SU-76, ISU-152 as well as soft-skins.

The book also contains a section on US vehicles such as Sherman, Hellcat, M8, M5. Furthermore, sections covering Czech pre-war and post-war vehicles and the Soviet 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia is also included. The book ends with 30 colour profiles by Petr Stepánek.

  • Antikvarisk: Ja
  • Bandtyp: Inbunden/hårda pärmar
  • Författare: Marek Solár, Petr Dolezal, Vladimir Kos
  • Förlag: Canfora
  • ISBN: 9789197677363
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Utgiven: 2011


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